Power Play: Understanding the Cost Savings of Solar

What are the financial perks of going solar in Auckland?

Solar panels can lead to significant long-term cost savings on your energy bills, allowing you to redirect those dollars where they matter most. Depending on the size of your bills going solar can pay off in as little as five years.

It pays to do your research. You can find a solar power calculator on the Genless site.

While rooftop solar pays for itself in the long-term with reductions in electricity bills of as much as 70%, we know that the upfront costs can make it hard for households to take advantage of the opportunities it provides. 

Many banks are focussed on helping customers reduce their carbon footprint so it pays to shop around for competitive rates for Green Loans. 

Call for a consultation and see if your home is suitable for solar on 0800 Soul Power or drop us an email at info@soulpower.co.nz.

Energy Independence: Breaking Free from the Grid

Not only does rooftop solar save a household money, it reduces peak demand on the national grid and the need to burn expensive and dirty fossil fuels for electricity generation, lowering the cost of electricity for everyone. 

We’re doing pretty well in New Zealand with 80-85% renewable energy coming through our grid. But with increasing electrification demand is increasing.

If your solar goals are about decarbonisation and being part of the energy transition, being able to harness the solar energy you generate is worth thinking about.

Using a solar battery allows you to better utilise your solar energy for peak time use.

During the busy peak hours of 7.00am-9.00am and 5.00pm - 9.00pm New Zealand’s grid is topped up with fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil. Storing your solar to use in these times means you can replace fossil fueled grid energy with renewable energy.

Then you’ll really be cooking with solar.

Talk to us for more information about how you can make this a reality at info@soulpower.co.nz.